Learn Chinese with Music: MSG Playlist #1

MSG Weekly Playlist #1

Studying flashcards everyday to learn vocabulary can be a drag. To mix things up, you can listen to music and pick up new vocab while improving your listening skills. Singing AKA studying in the shower can also help you fit study time into already overbooked days. Unfortunately, few Chinese learning sites online recommend true bops; 小苹果 (the song everyone inextricably recommends) is great for karaoke, but can drive you crazy if you listen to it too many times. So, Mandarin Study Guide will be putting together a weekly 4-song Spotify playlist. We will post key vocab terms, lyrics, and translations for each song. More importantly, each song will be enjoyable to listen to – the goal is to stealthy integrate studying into free time, so the music needs to actually be good.

This week’s selections are popular pop, R&B, and rap songs. In addition to the key words + translations listed below, flashcards for the key words can be accessed on Quizlet here, and the websites that were used as translation aides / inspiration are linked in the song headings. If you’d like to study the key terms in Anki, follow our importing guide to convert the cards over from Quizlet. Happy listening!

#1 Mulan by Lexie Liu (刘柏辛)

Lyrics, Translations, Key Terms, and Music Videos for Playlist Songs

#2 我的新衣 by Vava

#3 慢慢 by J Sheon

#4 消极掰 by Jolin Tsai

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