Importing Quizlet flashcards into Anki

Why import into Anki?

Mandarin Study Guide strongly recommends Anki as learners’ primary vocabulary study tool. Spaced repetition is the most efficient way to review and retain previously studied material. However, creating new Anki decks can be a huge time sink. Fortunately, there are tons of pre-made Anki decks that are free and available online: Anki has tons of shared decks listed on their website and r/Anki is a great resource for finding even more. But, even if you cannot find the flashcards you’re looking for as pre-made Anki decks it is extremely easy to import other online flashcard decks into Anki. Quizlet in particular has almost as many pre-made decks as Anki and converting these flashcards to be Anki compatible is a breeze. Check out our tutorial below for step by step instructions on converting decks between these two systems. Also, let us know in the comments below if you’d like to know how to import other online flashcards into Anki. Happy studying!

Step by step instructions on importing Quizlet flashcards into Anki

All you need to import Quizlet flashcards into Anki is a Quizlet account and the Anki app on your computer. Both are completely free: you can sign up for a Quizlet account here and download Anki for your computer here.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Picking a deck

    Log into Quizlet and find desired flashcard deck

  2. Navigating Quizlet

    Scroll down to the deck information area, press . . . and then select export

  3. Exporting instructions

    Input custom character and press copy

  4. Navigating Anki

    Open Anki and select import

  5. Importing instructions

    Select deck, input your custom character, and press import

Now that you have converted your flashcards, you might want to check out our guide on how to most efficiently use Anki. If you liked this post please share and comment!

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