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Founded in 2020 we are dedicated to providing free and high-quality articles on how to study Chinese. There are thousands of Chinese vocabulary lists online and hundreds of teaching services – it is hard to pick the best ones! This is where Mandarin Study Guide enters the picture. We aim to answer questions like: What tools should I use to learn vocabulary? What is the best textbook for self-study? Should I study traditional or simplified characters?

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We are open for submissions if you would like to write a guest post for Mandarin Study Guide. Please send an email to [email protected] with [i] your pitch, [ii] a link or attachment to something you’ve written in the past, and [iii] a brief 100 word author bio (if accepted, we will include this at the end of your posting).

We will only publish submissions that are directly related to learning the Chinese language and must be original work – we will not accept repostings. If you piece is a fit, then we’ll reach back out to you within a week.

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